Summer Appeal

June , 2018
Dear Friend,
Summer is in full swing.  For many of us, we’ve just celebrated the Fourth of July and enjoyed happy gatherings of friends and family at our homes.  But Independence Day means much more than parades and fireworks for many of our neighbors in need.
For many seniors, veterans, and loved ones with disabilities, living independently can be hard.  The simple act of getting around the house safely can be a daily challenge.

Perhaps you know someone like Anthony, who felt trapped in his own home.  Unable to exit or enter safely, he struggled with feelings of fear,  isolation, and loneliness that took a toll on his mental health and quality of life.  He didn’t  think there was any hope for him.  But there was. 

Rebuilding Together North Jersey was able to bring in skilled trade professionals and an entire crew of volunteers to make repairs to his home that he was physically unable to do and financially unable to afford.  A beautiful, safe and manageable ramp was also installed, allowing him to confidently exit and enter his home.  Anthony’s comfort, confidence and opportunities expanded in ways that we can’t count, but his smile says it all.

In our local communities, many of our neighbors face similar challenges.  They can no longer properly maintain the homes that they love, have lived in for years, raised their families in and plan to live out their lives.

When Rebuilding Together steps in to assist a low-income homeowner family, we provide quality repairs and modifications.  Perhaps more importantly, what we do also delivers peace of mind, a sense of security, and yes, maybe a little more freedom.   Freedom from worry when it rains – because the roof was repaired; Security in knowing that their home is healthier- because mold was removed; Confidence that the electrical system won’t start a fire – and that fire safety equipment is now properly installed and working. Ramps and grab bars that improve accessibility and safety reopen the world to many who felt homebound – that’s true independence.

Nationally, Rebuilding Together improves 10,000 homes each year.  In Bergen and Passaic Counties, we’ve worked on well over 600 homes since our establishment in 1998 – helping low-income seniors, the disabled, veterans, and families with children live in safe and healthy homes.

Rebuilding Together North Jersey can help some of those who apply to us for assistance.  But many more need our services, so we are asking for your financial support. 

Thanks to our generous donors and wonderful volunteers, every dollar that Rebuilding Together invests in a home is leveraged to create four dollars in value.  Five dollars becomes $20.  $25 supports $100 in quality repairs. A $100 gift becomes $400 in value.  A $500 gift translates into $2,000 in modifications that allows families to improve the safety of their home, and increase their dignity.

That’s the real impact of your support.

Every gift is appreciated.  Please donate today, so we can continue to repair homes, rebuild lives, and restore hope for our neighbors in need – right here in our local communities.

Thank you.

Gretchen Viggiano
Executive Director
Nancy Mecca
President, Board of Directors