Who We Help
Many of our neighbors have worked all their lives and have been physically and financially able to maintain their homes in good condition. Now, due to illness, aging, economic hardships, or the loss of a spouse, they are unable to handle the repair work themselves.  Their homes deteriorate or become unsafe. That's where Rebuilding Together North Jersey can help.

"I would like to thank everyone at Rebuilding Together for choosing me as a recipient. I would've never been able to accomplish all the work that was done any time soon. I would also like to thank all the volunteers and all involved that gave up their time to come to my aid. The prep weeks prior to Rebuilding Day were very impressive. Rebuilding Day was amazing! Everything was so organized and done in an orderly fashion."  - Mary Ann V., Midland Park

Rebuilding Together North Jersey assists low-income homeowners, particularly:
  • seniors
  • the disabled
  • veterans or their spouses
  • members of the military
  • families with children.

We make improvements that allow seniors to continue living independently in their own home. 

"The work performed was professional and has allowed me to feel safe and more secure again." - Josephine R., Mahwah

We help all our homeowners to live in safe, healthy surroundings while we build better communities in Bergen  and Passaic Counties.  Repairs may include:

  • electrical and plumbing work
  • energy-efficiency improvements
  • modifications for mobility and accessibility
  • repairs for health and safety (fall prevention, security, etc.)
  • modifications to assist the sight- or hearing-impaired

"The new windows, doors, and my new downstairs bedroom are a great help [that] will prove critical in the years ahead." - Thomas W., Bogota

Our next National Rebuilding Day is Saturday, April 29, 2017.  

To qualify for National Rebuilding Day assistance, applicant households should not exceed the following household income guidelines: 

  • 1 person - $47,000
  • 2 people - $53,700
  • 3 people - $60,400
  • 4 people - $67,100
  • 5 people - $72,500
  • 6 people - $77,850
  • 7 people - $83,250
  • 8 people - $88,600


Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What Our Homeowners Are Saying:

"I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you provided. Without your organization, I would neer have been able to make the necessary repairs and improvements to my home." - Blanche S., Hackensack

"[Everyone] went above and beyond not only to rebuild the structure of our home but to heal our hearts as well." - Katrina G., Mahwah

"To all the wonderful caring volunteers who gave their time to come into our home to paint, install flooring, cabinets, doors and much more, you've not only become our friends but part of our family as well.  Rebuilding Together has given us a start on our road to recovery. We will be forever grateful." - Tom & Addie T., Moonachie, Superstorm Sandy victims

"Thanks to all of you for all your help, hard work and completion of a beautiful Rebuilding Together job for our family! Little did we know when our home was chosen the impact it would have on us. It came at a time we were in need of 'some uplifting'!" - Amy, Mark, Torin, & Jack S., Jody & Jack M., Ridgewood

" The day they came to our house and told us they were going to help us recover, it was like a ray of sunshine in a dark sky." - Cliff M., Moonachie, Superstorm Sandy victim

Community/Non-profit Organizations:

If you work for a non-profit organization or community center in Bergen County or the City of Paterson and your facility needs repairs or renovations, download our Community Building Application here to be considered for assistance.

"We are so appreciate of the hard work that Rebuilding Together and your volunteers do - it means so much to us and, of course, the kids." - Jerry Binney, President & CEO, Children's Aid and Family Services

"The Bogota VFW has never received such a gift as the help that Rebuilding Together gave us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Alex Hernandez, Commander, VFW Post 5561

Neighborhood Builds:

Rebuilding Together would like to work on multiple projects in a single neighborhood.  We look for recommendations from community groups (block associations, senior centers, houses of worship, municipal groups) to help us find targeted areas (a one- to four-block area) with homeowners and perhaps a community building in need of our assistance.  If your group would like to recommend and advocate for a particular neighborhood, please call us (201-447-8886) for more information and to receive a Target Community Application.

"They are helping a lot of people and bringing the town back to how it was or even better than it was." - Frank Smith, Captain, Moonachie First Aid and Rescue Squad and Hurricane Sandy victim