Home Improvement

“Home is where the heart is”. 

“There’s no place  like home.” 

“Your home is your castle.” 

Few things lead us to thoughts of comfort and security than the word “home”.
Much of our lives and hopes are reflected our ideas of “home”. It’s a big part of achieving “the American dream”, and we all want one that is safe and healthy to live and raise our families in.

But life happens and things can change.  Across our local communities,  we can see that many of our neighbors who have lived in and loved their homes for decades are struggling.


Be it economics, health and aging, the loss of a spouse, an act of nature or other circumstance, low-income homeowners in our local communities often face big challenges in properly maintaining their homes.

When families can’t afford to address repair needs, small problems grow into big issues, and the home can become unsafe and unhealthy.

For families caring for loved ones with a disability,  home modifications are key to safety as well as quality of life.

For many seniors, it can make all the difference between being able to age in place with dignity or having to leave the home that they love.

When homeowners are living in unsafe or unhealthy conditions and need help, that’s where Rebuilding Together North Jersey (RTNJ) steps in.

RTNJ provides necessary repairs and home modifications – at no cost to the homeowner – thanks to financial donations from organizations, corporate sponsors and individuals and generous gifts of time from professionally skilled and general volunteers.

Skilled Trades Volunteers
Keep Electrical Systems Safe
If you:
Are a homeowner in Bergen County or Passaic County and

  • Are in good standing in your mortgage (not in  foreclosure);
  • Are within the HUD Low-Income Limits (Learn about what this means here);
  • And reside full-time in the home that you are looking for help with.


  Section Links:

If you have necessary home repair needs across several areas, click here to access our Home Improvement Application.
This may include electrical, masonry, carpentry, roofing, plumbing repairs and yard clean-outs.

Apply to our homeowner assistance programs.
Home Improvement projects are generally completed each April, as part of National Rebuilding Month. (Applications accepted May through October.)
We begin each day with a our vision:  “A safe and healthy home for every person“.  At the end of each project, our goal is that each homeowner family will feel more secure, comfortable, confident and be able to say  “It’s good to be home.
Our success is built on the power of neighbors helping neighbors.  If you would like to get involved by becoming a volunteer, click here.