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Few things lead us to thoughts of comfort and security than the word “home”. Much of our lives and hopes are reflected in our ideas of “home”. It’s a big part of achieving “the American dream”, and we all want one that is safe and healthy to live and raise our families in.

But life happens and things can change.  Across our local communities,  we can see that many of our neighbors who have lived in and loved their homes for decades are struggling. Be it economics, health and aging, the loss of a spouse, an act of nature, or other circumstances, low-income homeowners in our local communities often face big challenges in properly maintaining their homes. When families can’t afford to address repair needs, small problems grow into big issues, and the home can become unsafe and unhealthy.


For families caring for loved ones with a disability,  home modifications are key to safety as well as quality of life.


For many seniors, it can make all the difference between being able to age in place with dignity or having to leave the home that they love.


When homeowners are living in unsafe or unhealthy conditions and need help, that’s where Rebuilding Together North Jersey (RTNJ) steps in.


RTNJ provides necessary repairs and home modifications – at no cost to the homeowner – thanks to financial donations from organizations, corporate sponsors, and individuals and generous gifts of time from professionally skilled and general volunteers.


If you:
Are a homeowner in Bergen County or Passaic County and

  • Are in good standing in your mortgage (not in  foreclosure);
  • Are within the HUD Low-Income Limits
  • And reside full-time in the home that you are looking for help with.

If you have necessary home repair needs across several areas, click APPLY to access our Home Improvement Application.
This may include electrical, masonry, carpentry, roofing, plumbing repairs, and yard clean-outs. We know that our neighbors work hard to have a home that they can be proud of. Our homes provide security for our families, a safe space where we can be ourselves, and a stake in our communities. For many, a home is an important part of our personal “American Dream”. For most, they have always been physically and financially able to maintain their homes to keep them in good condition.


But life happens and things change. Illness, aging, economic hardships, the loss of income, or a spouse can result in a family’s inability to continue to care for their home. Many, particularly our seniors and disabled neighbors, are unable to handle the repair work themselves. Over time, their homes deteriorate or become unsafe.

That’s where Rebuilding Together North Jersey can help.

Rebuilding Together North Jersey assists low-income homeowners in Bergen and Passaic Counties, particularly:

  • seniors
  • the disabled
  • veterans or their spouses
  • families with children.

We make home repairs and modifications that improve the safety and health of the home. Often, this allows seniors and the disabled to continue living independently and with dignity in their own homes.

“The work performed was professional and has allowed me to feel safe and more secure again.” – Josephine R., Mahwah

Our Vision: Safe homes and communities for everyone.

Rebuilding Together’s core home repair work varies according to the needs of the homeowner and the condition of the home.

We can provide home modifications to help seniors age in place. This might include grab bars, tub or shower seats, raised toilets, additional handrails, fall prevention modifications, wheelchair ramps, widened doorways, lever handles, and more.

With our partners from Electricians Local 164, we repair and upgrade electrical work and install smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors where needed.

Using skilled plumbers and carpenters, we can tackle critical plumbing and building issues.


Our asthma-reduction and education efforts help remove allergens and help families understand the causes of asthma and allergy-related illnesses.

Our energy-efficiency and weatherization modifications help homeowners save money on utility bills while keeping their homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

National Rebuilding Day

Our signature event, National Rebuilding Day, occurs on the last Saturday of April. Across the country, Rebuilding Together affiliates plan projects that celebrate the organization’s mission and bring national attention to the plight of America’s low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live.

  • National Rebuilding Day is the culmination of a year of planning, evaluating, training, organizing, and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of community volunteers. Community leaders and national corporate sponsors embrace it as a way to bring immediate impact to America’s communities in a single day.
  • On National Rebuilding Day, volunteers join local affiliate leaders to repair and restore houses and nonprofit facilities, revitalizing entire communities and making a lasting impression on the families who are served. For many volunteers, these positive experiences of helping their neighbors in need bring them back year after year.

The national impact generated on this day is strong, with volunteers completing more than 4,000 home and community center projects every year across the country. Nationally, over the course of the year, volunteers work on 10,000 homes.

Rebuilding Together North Jersey also experiences high-impact success on a local level with our neighbor-helping-neighbor model:

  • Each year, more than 300 volunteers repair approximately 10 area homes and serve dozens of individuals and families.
  • Local sponsors not only support National Rebuilding Day with a financial donation but also mobilize employees, who volunteer to actively make a difference.
  • Nearly 150 members of IBEW Local 164 donate hundreds of hours of service to provide electrical repairs and modifications.

To apply for this program, go to Find Help


To qualify for our programs, applicants MUST reside in the home and should be planning on living in the home for the next five years. Household earnings should not exceed the following HUD income limit guidelines:

  • 1 person – $66,750
  • 2 people – $76,250
  • 3 people – $85,800
  • 4 people – $95,300
  • 5 people – $102,950
  • 6 people – $110,550
  • 7 people – $118,200
  • 8 people – $120,800